M-Spec Two-Stroke Performance Services

Millennium Technologies offers the most complete line of Performance Services. They can be requested in a package or a la carte. If your looking for a big bore, porting, or a complete motor build we have you covered. Below is a list of A-la-Carte services.

For 2-stroke engines, the big bore kit package includes:

  • Cleaning and disassembly.
  • Inspection and measurement.
  • Bore to desired size.
  • Cylinder Porting: You’ll get your choice of powerbands; more low/mid, more mid/top, broader powerband, and choices of fuel: pump or race gas.
  • Replating with our proprietary nickel silicon carbide (NSC) composite plating and diamond honing.
  • Head mods: resurfacing, squish and bowl machining, polishing.
  • Power valve service with assembly and timing, ready for installation!
  • Top End Parts include your choice of pistons from WISECO, WOSSNER, VERTEX, and PRO-X, all kits come with gasket kits, PV seals and o-rings, top end needle bearing, and alignment pins.
  • Piston check with ring end gapping set to install.
  • Cylinder bore set-up for no break-in, just ride!
  • Backed up by a Lifetime Warranty on the plating.
For Service:

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Services & Pricing

Two Stroke Performance Service
Head Mods/Repair with Welding$149.95
Head Mod/Repair$74.95
Clone Porting to Match Another Cylinder$269.95
Repair Head - Machine Damaged Mono-head$174.95
Power Valve Service$74.95
Porting Only$185.00
Port, Overbore, and Hone Cast Iron$267.50
Port and Plate$394.95
Overbore, Port, and Plate$434.95
Repair Bore, Port, and Plate$459.95
Clean and Hand Lap Head$35.00
Crankcase Porting and/or Boring$159.95

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