CNC Combustion Chamber Repair

At Millennium Technologies, we perform miracles. If a head can be saved, we can save it and in turn, save you money! Our flat-rate repair service is an all-inclusive cylinder head emergency room. Crashed pistons, dropped valves, damaged seats, we don’t care. Our evaluation service is free so before you throw that cylinder head away, give us a chance to bring it back from the dead.

Our CNC Combustion Chamber Repair Service Includes:

  • a free evaluation
  • chamber mapping
  • welding
  • seat and guide replacement
  • CNC combustion chamber machining
  • CNC valve job

Any repairs outside the chamber would incur additional costs.

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Image Gallery

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Before and After Cylinder Head
Combustion Chamber Damage
Welded Head
Newen Contour BB Machine
MillPort CNC Machine
Centroid CNC Machine
Centroid CNC Machine
Inline head

Services & Pricing

Maintenance Service Included - all prices and services listed below are labor only. Parts will incur an extra cost.

CNC Combustion Chamber Repair
Combustion chamber repair per chamber (machining labor only)$379.95

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