American V-Twin Crankshaft Services

The crankshaft is the heart of any engine. Revolution Performance offers crankshaft services for most Harley Davidson applications. We repair and/or balance crankshafts to precision tolerances using state of the art equipment like the ultra high end Sunnen DCB750 dynamic balancing machines. We have also developed specific press fixtures to ensure perfect alignment of today’s three piece crankshafts.

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Balanced , Trued, Plugged, and Welded Crankshaft
Balancing crankshafts

Services & Pricing

Premium Crank Service
Includes everything we can do to a crankshaft; complete disassembly, inspection, true, weld, plug, lighten, and balance. New crank pin and rod bearing$765.00
Dynamic Balancing Service
This service includes a complete disassembly of your crankshaft then a true, plug, weld, and dynamic balance. New crank pin and connecting rod bearing$665.00
Basic Crank Service
This service includes true, plug, and weld along with a new crank pin and connecting rod bearing set.$360.00

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