Revolution V-Twin CNC Cylinder Head Port

If you are going to go big on displacement, you have to give it some room to breathe! Our CNC ported head services are perfect additions to our Big-Bore Kits. Each head design has under gone extensive testing in both simulation, on the dyno, and on the street. Once the port design is optimized, the port is then digitized so that we can reproduce the same perfect port every time. Revolution Performance's various stages of CNC cylinder head porting and aftermarket parts create the ideal package to make big American V-Twin is running at its optimum performance levels to compliment any displacement size from stock all the way to our 131" kits.

Stage 2 - $884.00

Stage 2 CNC Cylinder Head Service is a perfect complement for our Revolution Bolt-On Big Bore Kits. This service includes a full CNC port that reshapes the intake and exhaust ports. This service includes a bigger intake (1.900) and exhaust valves (1.615), .650 lift beehive springs, and a CNC Valve job.

Stage 3 - $1144.00

Stage 3 Heads are a must if you want maximum performance from our Monster Big-Bore Kits. The stage three service includes a full CNC port modification for the intake and exhaust ports as well as bigger intake (2.00) and exhaust valves (1.630), .675 high performance duel coil springs, and a CNC valve job.

Our CNC Cylinder Head Service Includes:

  • cleaning
  • inspection
  • porting
  • CNC valve job

Any additional repairs or services would incur extra cost.

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Close up of port with new guide installed
Ported Harley cylinder head
Porting cylinder heads

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