Cast Iron Services

Millennium Technologies specializes in Nickel Silicone Carbide (NSC) plating of aluminum cylinders, but we still offer a wide variety of services for cast iron cylinders. The options depending on damage to bore are:

Overbore and hone to next piston size

Cheapest, most common repair. Most engines have multiple oversize pistons available through OEM and aftermarket vendors. Required piston size would be dependent on the severity of damage to the bore.

NSC Plate Cast Iron Bore

There are two reasons to plate a cast iron bore: improve the performance or save a cylinder past its service life. We can save that cast iron cylinder when over size pistons are no longer available or the cylinder is larger than the biggest over size piston. We typically can put back at least .020 and sometimes more. Contact us for our restoration services. For the performance minded, plating a cast iron bore will improve wear resistance and lower the coefficient of friction.

Purchase and install a new cast iron sleeve

We have vendors that can supply us sleeves for most common 2 and 4 stroke engines. We can machine out the existing sleeve and size cylinder for replacement sleeve. Then install the sleeve and hone to the finish size.

Option for most cast iron 4 stroke cylinders
Manufacture, install and plate aluminum sleeves

Typically done on older inline 4 cylinders, but really can be done on any 4 stroke. We remove the sleeve, manufacture a replacement aluminum sleeve, install and plate it for the benefits of decreased weight, increased cooling capacity, and increased cylinder bore service life.

Overbore and Hone:

  • Evaluation
  • Overbore to desired Pistons size
  • Diamond Hone Finish.

NSC Plate to OEM Size:

  • Evaluation
  • Diamond Hone .006" to remove any damage or irregularities.
  • NSC Plate to OEM Size.
  • Diamond Hone Finish.

New Cast Iron Sleeve Installation:

  • Evaluation
  • Remove Existing Sleeve
  • Install Replacement Sleeve.
  • Match Critical Surfaces.
  • Diamond Hone Finish.

Install Aluminum Sleeve with NSC Plating:

  • Evaluation
  • Remove Existing Sleeve.
  • Manufacture Replacement Aluminum Sleeve.
  • Install Replacement Sleeve.
  • NSC Plate Replacement Sleeve.
  • Match Critical Deck Surfaces.
  • Diamond Hone Finish.

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Cast Iron Sleeved Cylinder
Cast Iron Sleeved Cylinder
Cast Iron Cylinder Services

Services & Pricing

Single Cylinder
Overbore and Hone$82.50
Overbore, Hone and Plate$219.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$194.20
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$346.45
Twin Cylinder
Overbore and Hone$219.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$349.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$449.95
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$649.95
Twin Cylinder Top Case
Overbore and Hone$314.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$449.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$479.95
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$699.95
V-Twin Top Case Cylinder
Overbore and Hone$399.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$559.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$579.95
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$799.95
Triple Cylinder
Overbore and Hone$249.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$374.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$479.95
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$699.95
Triple Top Case
Overbore and Hone$349.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$524.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$549.95
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$849.95
Four Cylinder
Overbore and Hone$229.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$524.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$472.45
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$849.95
Four Cylinder Top Case
Overbore and Hone$379.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$682.45
Install Sleeves and Hone$839.95
Install SLeeves, Plate and Hone$999.95
V-4 Cylinder
Overbore and Hone$439.95
Overbore, Plate and Hone$879.95
Install Sleeves and Hone$999.95
Install Sleeves, Plate and Hone$1349.95

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