Press together and bolt together cranks can easily become out of balance and out of phase. This will cause excessive vibrations or shaking, loss of power, and poor main bearing life. Loud noises from the crank case can be caused by a scissoring condition (when flywheel halves are no longer aligned) which is very common among used engines. Excessive play in connecting rods due to rod bearings being worn out can also cause the conditions listed above.

A trued and welded crank will run more efficient, create more power, run smoother, and stay trued longer; which will prolong surrounding component life expectancy better than an equivalent crank that has not been trued to less than .0015" of run out with a welded pin in place.

Millennium Technologies crank service for multi-part cranks common in 4-stroke / 2-Stroke MX singles and Harley-Davidson applications include inspection, initial run-out measurement, breakdown and inspection of parts, new pin installation, rod and bearings, truing to within .0015", welding, and final run-out measurement.

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American V-Twin Crankshaft Services

The crankshaft is the heart of any engine. Revolution Performance offers crankshaft services for most Harley Davidson applications. We repair and/or balance crankshafts to precision tolerances using state of the art equipment like the ultra high end Sunnen DCB750 dynamic balancing machines. We have also developed specific press fixtures to ensure perfect alignment of today’s three piece crankshafts.

2 & 4-Stroke MX Crank Services

Crankshaft services for 2 &-4 stroke engines include cleaning and inspections of the crank, press it apart, polish the pin bores, press a new rod kit and then true the crank to factory recommended specs. Special consideration is given to 4-stroke cranks, like checking the journal surfaces and polishing, deburring cam gears, flushing oil passages, pressing and truing with new parts, and pin welding for safety.

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