Cylinder Plating

Modern engine designs use very light aluminum cylinders. The aluminum base metal is very soft and would wear out almost instantly without a very special protective barrier. The Millennium Technologies Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) cylinder plating process forms an extremely hard, extremely durable barrier with less friction, improved heat transfer, less weight, and ultimately more horsepower.

Our proprietary Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) plating service is for undamaged standard bore cylinders. If the cylinder is damaged or requires overbore services, please see our repair and overbore services

Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) plating service includes:

  • evaluation
  • stripping
  • NSC plating
  • diamond hone finish

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Image Gallery

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Cylinder Plating Close up
MV Agusta Cylinder

Services & Pricing

Single Cylinder
Plate Single Cylinder$209.95
Parallel Twin Cylinder
Plate Twin Cylinder$309.95
Plate Twin Top Case Cylinder$409.95
V-Twin Cylinders
Plate Individual V-Twin Cylinder (each cylinder)$209.95
Plate V-Twin Top Case Cylinder$439.95
Triple Cylinder
Plate Triple Cylinder$329.95
Plate Triple Top Case Cylinder$449.95
Four Cylinder
Plate Four Cylinder$449.95
Plate Four Top Case Cylinder$545.95
Plate V-4 Top Case Cylinder$799.95

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