Cylinder Repair

At Millennium Technologies, we perform miracles. If a cylinder can be saved, then we can save it and in turn save you money! Our flat-rate repair service is an all-inclusive cylinder emergency room. Crashed pistons, dropped valves, broken skirts, detonation, broken rings… we don’t care. Our evaluation service is free so before you throw that cylinder away, give us chance to bring it back from the dead.

We will fix anything that involves the bore for the price below. One price, no questions asked. Any damage outside the bore may incur extra cost to repair. If for some reason we cannot fix the cylinder, we will contact you asap and help you with a plan “b.”

The Millennium Technologies Cylinder Repair Service Includes:

  • evaluation
  • stripping
  • welding
  • boring (standard or overbore)
  • NSC plating
  • diamond hone finish

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Image Gallery

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TZ750 Cylinder
Cylinder with broken skirt
Damaged Cylinder

Services & Pricing

Single Cylinder
Repair and Plate Single Cylinder$274.95
Parallel Twin Cylinder
Repair and Plate Twin Cylinder$399.95
Repair and Plate Twin Top Case Cylinder$474.95
V-Twin Cylinders
Repair and Plate V-Twin Top Case Cylinder$599.95
Repair and Plate Individual V-Twin Cylinder (each)$274.95
Triple Cylinder
Repair and Plate Triple Cylinder$424.95
Repair and Plate Triple Top Case Cylinder$574.95
Four Cylinder
Repair and Plate Four Cylinder$574.95
Repair and Plate Four Top Case Cylinder$712.95
Repair and Plate V-4 Top Case Cylinder$929.95

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