Cylinder Overbore Services

There is no replacement for displacement! Millennium Technologies is the overbore specialist. With over 18 years of overbore experience, combined with our best in class Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) cylinder plating process, nobody has more experience making your motor bigger! A larger displacement engine is the easiest and most reliable way to make more power. Millennium Technologies has the tools, experience, as well as relationships with every major piston manufacture to take your motor to the limit!

We offer our standard over bore services for virtually every shelf-stock piston from every major piston manufacturer, in fact, we keep most of them in stock! Custom services and one-off designs would incur additional costs.

Millennium Technologies Cylinder Overbore Services Includes:

  • evaluation
  • stripping
  • boring
  • NSC plating
  • diamond hone finish to any specification
  • All services and their corresponding prices listed below are LABOR ONLY. Any additional parts will incur an extra cost.

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Image Gallery

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MXA YZ250 big bore
5MM Overbore GSXR

Services & Pricing

Single Cylinder
Overbore and Plate Single Cylinder$249.95
Parallel Twin Cylinder
Overbore and Plate Twin Cylinder$349.95
Overbore and Plate Twin Top Case Cylinder$449.95
V-Twin Cylinders
Overbore and Plate V-Twin Top Case Cylinder $559.95
Overbore and Plate Individual V-Twin Cylinder (each)$249.95
Four Cylinder
Overbore and Plate Four Cylinder $524.95
Overbore and Plate Four Cylinder Top Case$682.45
Overbore and Plate V-4 Top Case Cylinder$879.95
Triple Cylinder
Overbore and Plate Triple Cylinder $374.95
Overbore and Plate Triple Top Case Cylinder$524.95

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