Victory Motorcycles 117" Big Bore Kit

M-Spec Complete Big Bore Kit (Part #201-701S) (Includes serviced cylinders, forged pistons, wrist pins, clips and head/base gasket kit) $1,674.95

CNC Ported Head Option (Includes CNC port work, upgraded valves and springs) $1,999.00

Victory made one heck of a motorcycle and the aftermarket largely ignored it. Maybe because it was so good stock? Revolution Performance knows how good the 106” Victory is and that with just a little more displacement, how great it could be! The new Revolution Performance 117” Victory Big Bore Kit increases the standard bore for 101mm to 106mm yielding a new displacement of 117”. When combined with our CNC Head Port, Exhaust and Tuning we have seen gains of more than 30hp and 17ft-lbs of torque.

The 117” Victory Big Bore kit is a custom service kit, which means we strip and bore your stock cylinders and installed custom aluminum sleeves plated with our proprietary (NSC) Nickel Silicon Carbide plating process. They are shipped back with a set of perfectly matched forged pistons, wrist pins, clips, and head/base gasket kit for $1674.95. CNC head modifications, exhaust and tuners are available for additional cost.

Applicable Models

2010-2016 Victory Hammer 8-Ball

2010-2016 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

2010-2016 Victory Kingpin 8-Ball

2010-2016 Victory Hammer

2010-2016 Victory Hammer S

2010-2016 Victory Jackpot

2010-2016 Victory Kingpin

2010-2016 Victory Vegas

2010-2016 Victory Ness Jackpot

2010-2016 Victory Cross Country

2010-2016 Victory Cross Roads

2010-2016 Victory Vision

2010-2016 Victory Vision 8-Ball

2010-2016 Victory Arlen Ness Vision

R1 Chamber

Dyno Numbers

Before (Stock): 83 HP / 120 TQ

After (RP 117"): 119 HP / 137 TQ

***Modifications on this dyno run: Upgraded spring kit, Andrews 472 cams, Bassani 2-1 exhaust, Power Commander Tuner***

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