Millennium Technologies

25 Years of Excellence

"It’s hard to believe that 25 years have passed since Millennium Technologies was founded. I can still recall our first team of employees pushing through long weeks to ship out 137 cylinders; cylinders that we logged and tracked with a standard spiral notebook! The shop was small then, 2,500 sq ft - just a fraction of the space we operate in today.

Thankfully, technology has evolved along with us over these two-and-a-half decades. The spiral notebooks have been replaced by computer data programs that have allowed us to ship thousands of cylinders each month! Our plating technology and capabilities have advanced sevenfold from our humble beginnings. Today, Millennium Technologies provides engine solutions for not only the power sports industry, but we’ve advanced into working our magic on automobile and truck engines, to boats, planes, competition chainsaws, and a whole wide range of more applications. 25 years later, the question is no longer “can we do it?” Yes, we can fix that!

The most important thing that has not changed over 25 years is the people, outside and in. We would not have been in business for so long without our customers, many of whom have been with us since day one, their names jotted down in the spiral notebook! You have not only given us your business, but also your trust and recommendations. We are eternally grateful for all of you – we would not be here without you!

Lastly, and most importantly, it is the hard work and dedication from each of our employees from the shop to the office that has contributed to Millennium Technologies’ “Reputation for Excellence.” Through prosperity and challenges, our team has proven that hands-on work from dedicated employees will never outmatched. Without you, Millennium Technologies is just a sign in front of a building. Thank you all for constantly moving us forward, never backward!

Here's to 25 more years of Excellence!"

Chris Hackl (Owner)

1997: The Birth of Millennium Technologies

We replated 137 cylinders with 3 employees in a 2,500 sq. ft. building our first full month in business. Fast forward to present day, we average 2,500 orders per month with 90+ employees in a building that will be 28x that size come next year! Before our computer system was up and running, how did we manage and control orders? A notebook! Take a look at all 137 orders entered into a notebook by hand. You may recognize some of the original customers that have been with us since day 1.

1998: Racing With Fast By Ferracci

In 1998, Millennium Technologies had the honor of providing performance products and services for road racing legend Eraldo Ferracci and Fast By Ferracci AMA Superbike racing team. The team was piloted by "Fast" Freddie Spencer and "The Worm" Larry Pegram.

Fast By Ferracci was founded in 1980 by Eraldo Ferracci. Eraldo arrived in Philadelphia almost 15 years earlier as an Italian National Champion motorcycle rider and mechanic. Upon his arrival in America, he modernized the Benelli motorcycle plant in Hatboro, while, at night he transformed his Abington residence into a workshop for building unparalleled bikes and high-performance parts. To satisfy his passion for racing, he took up drag-racing, setting records up and down the east coast. As his reputation for speed grew, road-racers began bringing their machines to him for his magic touch. Results proved his uncompromised skill and the demand for his custom race bikes and special components molded a dream into a reality.

Team Fast By Ferracci Ducati won the first of two World Superbike Championships followed by two American (AMA) Superbike Championships. Led by Eraldo, Team Fast By Ferracci became the most successful Ducati team in the world.

1998: Building Expansion #1

After one year in business, Millennium Technologies ran out of space. Millennium added 2,500 sq ft of working space to increase production and turnaround times. This would be the first of six expansions for Millennium Technologies.

2000-2008: Racing With KWS Suzuki

In 2000, Millennium Technologies was announced as a major sponsor for KWS Motorsports Suzuki motorcycle racing team. From 2000-2008, we had the privelage to work with some of the best racers around including: Shawn Higbee, John Haner, Danny Eslick, Brian Livingood, Rich Conicelli, Lee Acree, Matt Lynn, David Webber, Ben Thompson and more.

KWS Motorsports, founded in 1993 by Kevin Hunt located in Charleston, SC. is a full service custom race shop with over 80 years of combined professional racing experience.

2001: Global War on Terror

Supplied cylinders to Northrop Grumman for drones during the 9/11 Global War on Terror.

2003: Revolution Performance is Born

In 1998, Millennium Technologies was the cylinder supplier for the Buell Factory Pro Thunder Series motorcycles, "Revolution cylinders". Yes, there were Revolution cylinders long before there was Revolution Performance.

In 2003, Millennium Technologies decided to turn their Revolution cylinders into a full brand and Revolution Performance was born.

Revolution Performance was put in place to be a direct source for owners of an American V-Twin motorcycle to discover different options for boosting the performance of their V-twin engines. The first product was a line of bolt-on big bore kits utilizing Millennium’s nickel-silicon carbide plating solution. Revolution Performance challenged American V-Twin enthusiasts to “exit the ordinary” and discard the idea of a cast iron sleeved cylinder and replace it with an all-aluminum plated cylinder for larger displacement and more power gain. Science proved to be on our side as we continued to produce a broader range of kits with even larger displacement capabilities for extraordinary performance results. Soon Revolution’s customers were shown the truth, that “you can’t outrun physics”, as sets of our cylinders had now been operating well beyond the 100,000-mile mark.

Now, 19 years later, Revolution Performance has been able to expand from just a manufacture of cylinder and piston kits, to providing a variety of in-house services ranging from case boring and Timken bearing conversions, to crankshaft repair and balancing. Aside from big bore kit packages and bottom end work, Revolution has a full flow bench and 5-axis CNC porting program for reworking cylinder heads for optimized air/fuel flow performance. Package all our products and services together, and we can offer you a complete in-house engine rebuild program where you ship us your complete, tired motor and we ship you back a brand new, upgraded and repair motor that’s ready for install. We can even take it one step further and do a complete in-house chassis engine build. Drop off your complete motorcycle and we will rebuild the engine and finish it off with a certified Dyno Jet tune, so the engine is properly broken in before it leaves our facility.

2009: KWS Aprilia

In 2009, Aprilia USA announced the debut of the Millennium Technologies / KWS Motosports Factory Aprilia team. The two bike team was piloted by returning rider Ben Thompson and 2008 Daytona 200 winner Chaz Davies.

Davies raced in the 125cc and 250cc Grand Prix World Championship for five years and MotoGP at the end of 2007. Davies still carries the honor of being the youngest rider to score points in a World Championship event. Thompson raced for Millennium/KWS Suzuki in the past and is a former winner of the prestigious Suzuki GSX-R1000 Cup Championship.

2013: Polaris Sportsman

OEM cylinder supplier for Polaris Sportsman 1000 ATV since 2013.

With the Polaris Sportsman 1000, take on the outdoors with best-in-class power from the 90 HP ProStar engine. Efficient and manageable at slow speeds, yet incredibly strong for hauling cargo, or pushing through rough terrain.

2014: Sons of Anarchy

Millennium Technologies American V-Twin brand, Revolution Performance had the opportunity to help rebuild the engine out of Happy's Harley Davidson Street Bob from FX hit show Sons of Anarchy.