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M-Spec Yamaha YFZ-R1 1050cc Big Bore Kit

The latest generation R1 is one of the most advanced sportbikes ever built. A sweet handling chassis and class leading electronics make the R1 extremely easy to hustle around a race track or curvy back road, but the R1’s unique cross plane 998cc engine lacks power compared to some of the competition. Millennium Technologies and KWS Motorsports teamed up to solve the R1’s lack of steam and created the R1 1050cc M-Spec Big Bore Kit and CNC Cylinder Head.

Using Millennium Technologies proprietary Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) plating process we overbored the R1’s stock bore from 79mm to 81mm. We then combined the cylinders with a set of custom made CP Forged Pistons for a new displacement of 1050cc. This complete M-Spec Big Bore Kit is available from Millennium Technologies or KWS Motorsports for a retail price of $1641.56

When used by itself, the M-Spec Big Bore Kit will yield a substantial horsepower gain, but when combined with the KWS developed M-Spec CNC Ported Head, the M-Spec 1050 R1 can make as much as 30hp over stock. The M-Spec CNC Cylinder Head modifications are available from Millennium Technologies and KWS Motorsports for a retail price of $1125.00

The complete M-Spec R1 1050 kit with all required parts is only available from KWS Motorsports. KWS Motorsports would be happy to build a complete motor assembly specifically for your application.

R1 Chamber

Dyno Info:

Red Line – M-Spec 1050 Big Bore Kit, M-Spec CNC Cylinder Head Modifications, Web Camshafts, KWS Valve Spring Kit, APE Cam Sprockets, Woolich Tuning Software, Yoshimura Alpha Full Exhaust System, Pump Fuel.

Blue Line – Stock with Yoshimura Alpha Exhaust Full System.