EVO Power System

Battery + Monitor + Health Charger

The Ballistic EVO Power System is a lightweight lithium-ion starter battery system that comes complete with everything you need to charge, maintain, and monitor your EVO3 battery for maximum battery power and maximum battery life. The EVO Power System is perfect for high-performance power sports vehicles with high parasitic draw or vehicles that are regularly stored for long periods of time. The EVO Power System includes a EVO3 Battery, Optimate 1 Lithium Charger, and an EVO Health Monitor.

  • The EVO3 Battery is the world’s best, state of the art, lithium-ion starter battery. Designed, Developed, and Assembled in the USA with high-performance proprietary Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) power cells. Up to 18lbs lighter than the stock battery, the EVO3 Battery is the most cost effective way to drop weight from your power sports vehicle.
  • The Optimate 1 Lithium Charger is a fully automatic battery charger specifically designed to charge, optimize, and maintain the Ballistic EVO3 Battery. Safe for 24/7 long term unsupervised battery care. Plugs directly into the EVO Health Monitor.
  • The EVO Health Monitor mounts outside the battery box and gives the user “at a glance” indications of when your EVO battery is charged, discharged, over discharged, or over charged. The EVO Health Monitor plugs directly into the Optimate 1 Lithium Charger for easy charging.