Millennium Technologies

United States Customers:

Millennium Technologies
1404 Pilgrim Road, Plymouth WI 53073
Phone #: (920) 893-5595
Fax #: (920) 893-4830

International Customers:

To make an international call to Millennium Technologies,
dial (the exit code of your country) + 1-888-779-6885

Canada Customers:

Millennium Technologies Canada
Phone #: 866-996-1150

Meet our Team

We couldn’t turn your cylinders, engine work, heads, or crankshafts around as fast and as accurately as we do without our experienced team of dedicated personnel.

Millennium Technologies Sales

photo of Jason Duplantis

Jason Duplantis

920-893-5595 xt. 371

photo of Rod Heaton

Rod Heaton

920-893-5595 xt. 316

photo of Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer

Sales Manager
920-893-5595 xt. 351

photo of Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

920-893-5595 xt. 328

Revolution Performance Sales

photo of Melissa Shrum

Melissa Shrum

866-892-2109 xt. 301


photo of Cody Eickberg

Cody Eickberg

Marketing/Creative Brand Development
920-893-5595 xt. 303

photo of Chip Spalding

Chip Spalding

Marketing Director/Corporate Strategist
920-893-5595 xt. 370