Millennium Technologies

The ultimate goal for our customer service department is to identify and solve problems while providing an excellent customer service experience. Our products and services are very technical and are used in a huge number of varied applications and sometimes this causes difficulty. We may ask you to provide additional information, but please be sure that we are doing so to provide you with a long lasting solution.

Thank you for your business!

How to make a warranty claim in the US:

For warranty claims in the US, please contact Millennium Technologies at 1-888-779-6885 or email us at to receive a Return Authorization Number. To start the warranty process, we will need the following information properly evaluate your claim.

  • Year, make and model of the vehicle.

    This is to ensure the application is correct.
  • Item in question.

    To ensure the customer gets the correct replacement
  • Invoice Number
  • You may also be asked to provide the following:,

    Images or pictures of your product damage
    This helps us determine a product defect and helps us identify your specific product for repairs or replacement parts.

Please read our warranty policy here: