Millennium Technologies

Millennium Technologies Cylinder Instructions

1. Refer to the OEM service manual for your specific year/make/model. The service manual can provide important information required to correctly disassemble and reassemble your engine.

2. Clean parts thoroughly one at a time before use. Your cylinder should be cleaned with contact cleaner/break cleaner thoroughly before use. Use white paper towels to wipe the bore clean until no dirt can be seen on the towel. We highly recommend lubing/cleaning the bore with Marvel Mystery Oil or equivalent oil before assembly.

3. Always check each parts dimension carefully before assembly, especially if you are adding performance or non-stock parts. If a part dimension has been changed, it may require modification to other parts to work correctly.

4. Make sure the entire engine is clean before reassembly. If you have had any type of parts disintegration in the engine the only way to be certain that there are no remaining fragments in the engine is to do a full teardown and inspection of the engine. Anything less is just gambling the money that you just spent to fix the cylinder.

5. Use assembly lube on all moving parts, whether it be oil or actual assembly lube. “Dry” assembly is NEVER correct.

6. Be certain that your jetting or fuel mapping are correct, especially if you have added performance items to the engine. If in doubt, start out with a rich fuel setting rather than take a chance on damaging a new cylinder bore and piston.

7. Break in your engine correctly. It should be run easy for 30-90 minutes. The most important thing is to carefully run the engine in a way that will not cause the engine to retain high levels of heat. No extended high RPM loads in the higher gears. Short occasional blasts in the lower gears will help seat the rings, just keep them short and spaced out.