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Isotropic Micro Polishing

Millennium Technologies is proud to add Isotropic Micro Polishing to our line of performance services. Isotropic Micro Polishing is a surface treatment for ferrous (steel) parts that will reduce friction, increase durability, and increased effective film thickness (lubrication). Parts such as transmissions, cams, buckets, springs, and crankshafts will last longer, run cooler, with less friction and ultimately make more power.

Isotropic means having uniform physical properties in all directions. Our Isotropic Micro Polishing ensures the part's surface will have no visible marks, lines or patterns.

The Millennium Isotropic Micro Polishing process involves a chemical interaction that forms a soft, thin (less than .001mm) film on the surface of the part. The part is then vibrated in a special tub with a non-abrasive ceramic media. The film is physically removed from the peaks of the processed part while the valleys are unaffected. The film then re-forms at the peaks that are interacting with the vibratory media. This process of film re-formation and removal repeats itself until the peaks are gone and only the valleys are left. The result is a smooth micro-finish. The second step in the process is referred to as burnishing. During this step, all of the remaining conversion film is removed from the surface of the part, leaving a polished, chrome-like appearance.

The Millennium Technologies Isotropic Micro Polishing benefits are:

  • Reduced surface stress
  • Reduced friction, vibration and noise
  • Longer component life
  • Reduction in lubrication temperature
  • Increased heat transfer
  • Mirror-like finish

We offer set pricing on common components and custom quotes on unique items. Significant discounts are available when combined with cylinder services or in volume.

The Millennium Isotropic Micro Polishing Service includes: cleaning, inspection, chemical treatment/polishing, rust inhabitation, and individual parts bagging.

Prices quoted are based on common parts. Automotive, unusual, unique parts or parts of unusual size would be charged extra. Prices are not final until the parts are received and inspected by Millennium Technologies. Parts must be clean when they arrive. Extremely dirty parts will incur a $25 minimum cleaning feel. Transmissions, power valves and other assemblies must be completely disassembled and labeled. If an assembly must be disassembled, it will incur a minimum $50 disassembly fee. Damaged parts can and will be turned away.

***NOTE: Tranmissions MUST be completely disassembled.***

***NOTE: Crankshafts that are pressed together V-Twin, 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Single ONLY.***

Please contact our technical sales specialist at: or 1-888-779-6885 for more information.

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