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Millennium Technologies Introduces Polaris 570 Big Bore Kits

Plymouth, WI – June, 2017 – Millennium Technologies, the world leader in Advanced Engine Solutions, is proud to introduce two, brand new, M-Spec bolt-on big bore kit solutions for the extremely popular Polaris 570 models: RZR, Ranger, Sportsman, and Ace. Both Repair and Performance bolt-on kits come complete with everything you need to improve the Polaris 570 engine for an amazing price.

The M-Spec 625 bolt-on big bore kit turns the Polaris 570cc engine into a monster 625cc powerhouse. The 625 M-Spec Kit includes a brand-new Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) plated cylinder, an M-Spec design forged +5mm piston kit, and a complete Cometic gasket kit. Power gains of over 10% are typically seen by just bolting on the M-Spec 625 Kit and even more power is available with our M-Spec CNC Ported Head option for an additional $595.95. The NSC plated M-Spec 625 cylinder is extensively modified to not only make it lighter than stock, but also to increase longevity, heat dissipation and power. The M-Spec design forged 625 piston is designed specifically for this application, with special skirt coatings, gas ports, state of the art ring pack, tool steel wrist pins and locks. The M-Spec 625 Kit comes ready to install for a retail price of $599.95.

If a simple repair is required, the M-Spec 578 bolt-on big bore kit is a huge improvement over the stock cylinder and piston at only a small premium over the stock parts. The M-Spec 578 Kit includes a new, slightly modified + 1mm over cylinder, complete Cometic gasket kit and a proprietary M-Spec design forged 578cc piston with special skirt coatings, gas ports, state of the art ring pack, tool steel wrist pins, and locks. The M-Spec 578 Kit comes ready to install for a retail price of $499.95

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About Millennium Technologies: Millennium Technologies is the world leader in Advanced Engine Solutions. Starting in 1997 as a Nickel Silicon Carbide (NSC) cylinder plating and service company, Millennium Technologies has expanded into complete service solutions for cylinders, cylinder heads, crankshafts, big-bore kits, and supplies parts such as pistons, gaskets, camshafts, and more. Millennium Technologies provides services for all levels of the powersports industry including OEMs, dealers, pro race teams and weekend mechanics. Millennium Technologies is the parent company of Revolution Performance, who provides a complete line of high performance American V-Twin engine parts and services, as well as Ballistic Performance Components, the leader in lightweight lithium-ion starter batteries for powersports vehicles.

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