EVO Battery Management System (BMS) Charger (Europe - 220volt)

Millennium Part No.: 200-105
  • Professional balance charger and diagnostic tool.
  • Plugs into the BMS port on EVO2 and EVO3 batteries.
  • Can balance the cell pack for increased power and durability.
  • Can be used as a dealer diagnostic tool.

The Ballistic Performance Components EVO Professional BMS Charger is designed specifically to work with the Ballistic Performance Components EVO battery. This is a professional diagnostic tool that has a primary advantage of the balance charging function. The balance mode balances the voltage of each cell or series of cells while charging. By balance charging your Ballistic Performance Components Battery you insure that the battery is operating at its maximum power. Periodic balance charging can also increase the expected life of your battery. This charger is not required to operate your EVO Battery, but it is highly recommended.

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