Millennium Technologies

Holy cow dudes! That new cylinder looks awesome! This is my first sled, a 2010 Polaris Dragon 800, I bought it and got about 4 rides in before it started running like garbage. I hope this is the fix with new pistons and your new smooth JUICY cylinders! I am m a broke 35 year old from up by Mt. Baker. I am cool and just wanna rip over dads with fanny packs! You guys have the best rep and I will tell all my other buddies to send their rides to Millennium! Thanks for the stickers!

-"NateDog" Nathan Howard

I am very impressed with how my two damaged historic racing motorcycles cylinders have come back from being repaired and re-plated from Millennium Technologies. They both are in better condition now then they were when they were brand new 30 years ago. I am now going through all my spare parts to see if I have more damaged cylinders I can send to Millennium for repair. Good price, fast turn around and great communication throughout the process.

-Luke Hurst

Everything for me was a great experience, the people in costumer service were great to work with and knew what they were talking about to the excellent job they did on my cylinder was perfect bead blasted and ready to go, got it back quick and back together and running mint! Big thanks to everyone at millennium, you will get my business in the future on many more projects.

-Greg Linden

Most excellent service! I sent them 2 cylinders from an incredibly rare and important 1930s era engine. At first they told me they could not do it, being in a blind hole. However, after speaking with their reps and telling them the history and importance of my project to them, they offered a "white glove service" and they came out absolutely beautiful. Very competent people, they know what they are doing.

-Brian Delta V

Swamped my bike in a giant sand filled mud puddle! OOPS! Millennium hooked me up right, clear communication, great service. Now I am back on the trail! Thanks!

-Eric Galpin

Millennium Technologies has a flawless reputation with me for repairing and replating cylinders. They do things that you wouldn’t think would be possible! Everything always looks brand new when I get it back! Great service!

-Eric Schettler

Great workmanship and a really good value. I sent a friends custom ported kx250f head to these guys for valve seat repair and the end result is really good. Precision work and a job well done. Price came in under the estimate. Time wasnt too bad considering I am not their only customer they are servicing. Highly recommended.

-Jonathan Ettinger

Sent in a couple RM cylinders for Their 144cc big bore. Took an extra 1.5 weeks because one of the two failed post plating inspection but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I’ve had them do many cylinders for me and I believe they are the best in the business. I’m glad they do a good job of inspecting and rework it if things are not up to par. The big bore kit pricing is an outstanding value! I’m Going to have an extremely happy customer towards the end of the week!!

-Ryan Jorgenson

I was told by everyone one I called that I was just out of luck and no one could help me. I finally found millennium technology and called. They told me to send in my cylinder and they would send it back to me in 10 days. I got it back and this thing looks brand new, everything fits perfect, I could not be happier. I will definitely use them again in the future!

-Tyler Stains

After 400 hours and 6500 race and trail miles My KTM 300 piston/cylinder was .004 out of spec for new, .002 over max suggested clearance. I got great info and feedback from Millennium up front and shipped off my new piston and worn cylinder. It was returned packaged well, spotlessly clean, looking spectacular with nice cross hatch and all ports expertly chamfered, and sized at perfect clearance well ahead of projected completion date. I’m impressed and pleased. It’s such a pleasure to deal with this outfit. I highly recommend!

-Mark Lang