M-Spec 468cc Service Big Bore Kit for 2004 – 2016 Honda TRX450R/ER

M-Spec Complete Big Bore Kit (Part #MT116-BBK1) $479.95

CNC Ported Head option: $695.00

The Honda TRX450R is one of the best, most popular Sport ATV’s of all time. The M-Spec 468cc Service Big Bore Kit makes it even it better! We strip your stock cylinder, bore it from 96mm to 98mm, and then its plated with our proprietary nickel silicon carbide plating process. The cylinder is the mated to a forged 13.0:1 JE piston and Cometic gasket kit. This combination yields a displacement of 468cc and 15% power gains are normal with no other modifications.

Bore Size: 98mm (+2mm)

Displacement: 468cc

Compression Ratio: 13.0:1

Piston Type: JE

Gasket Type: Cometic

Applicable Models

2004-2016 Honda TRX450R

R1 Chamber
Honda TRX450 Honda TRX450R Honda TRX450 Big Bore Kit HondaTRX450R Big Bore Kit